Happy Birthday Captain Cat

Captain Cat finally turned one this month, and so we threw him a party to celebrate. Not that he really appreciated it, but a first birthday is never really for the benefit of the recipient anyway. We started the festivities with a ceremonial weigh-in, and it turns out that Captain now weighs just over twelve pounds.

Then later on his real birthday, we had another kitten (@honeybadger_conant) over for a play-date. Captain was initially nonplussed by the interloper, but they made friends eventually.

He was very excited to see his old carrier. Captain, you don’t fit any more!

We had the party-qua-party a few days after his real birthday, because that was DCDR volunteering day (more on that later maybe). We decorated the house, made some food and drinks, and had about a third of the local expats show up to celebrate. For once, we managed to take some pictures before everything got into full swing.

Captain could not have cared less about all the people being there. As king of his world, he did not deign to notice that there were more peons present to serve him. He didn’t care for the birthday candle at all, or for the singing, or for the not-at-all-cat-oriented birthday cake.

But he very much enjoyed having all the shiny cat toys swinging from the ceiling, and he liked it even more when we took them down.


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