North Eleuthera

There is a ferry to North Eleuthera, but after looking at it out our window for a couple of days, we figured we could dinghy over and save ourselves a couple of bucks. There is a public dock listed on one of our charts, and we got close before stopping at what was definitely, in hindsight, not a public dock. But they had a lovely floating dinghy dock with nobody on it, and no signs to tell us it was private – until the no trespassing sign we passed going the wrong way along the dirt road. The road eventually turned paved, and after about two miles of much-needed walking in the not-as-much-needed hot sun, we came to Preacher’s Cave. It is a cave with some neat holes in the top; not much to write home about here.

The real destination was on the way back: Sapphire Blue Hole. We took the drone and the GoPro for test drives. Results? Mixed. But we had a great time jumping off the little cliff and climbing back up the rope. And our dinghy was still there when we came back, so that’s always a plus.

On our way out of town, we anchored for a night off of Meek’s Patch, Eleuthera’s version of pig island. Jazz cut my hair while we eyed the pigs from a distance, and then we went up to say hello. The verdict? That was enough pigs for this trip. They smelled the food on us and swarmed much more aggressively than I’d have liked. One of them bit Jazz on the finger as she tried to feed it. (Wild animal bite! She’s OK: it left a nasty bruise that kept her ring off her finger for a while, but didn’t break the skin.) Still, it was neat to see the swimming pigs. Once.


  1. Well if nobody’s gonna call out that incredible water shot of jazz, I’ll do it!

    Holy crap! that underwater pic of Jazz! woohoo!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! When I read about this I remembered how much I enjoyed cooking pigs in the ground….. đŸ™‚

  3. That was an amazing swimming hole. I was saying “awwww” about the piglets til I heard what they did to Jazz! Reminds me of how cute baby goats are – until they decide to beat up on your 2 year old! (Cape Cod petting zoo circa 1990, Julia as victim.) Glad you didn’t set off any alarms that went to the police while you were trespassing. xoxo

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