Spanish Wells and Dunmore Town

We’d originally planned to head from Chub Cay to Nassau, and then on to the Exumas. But after waiting too many days at Chub for the wind, we decided to take its “suggestion” and head east to Eleuthera. Villa continues to sail into the wind only under protest, and we had a poundy night sail trying to hold her 50 degrees to the wind. (Afterward I gave in and asked for advice on the Prout Owners facebook page, and the consensus seems to be that they are just not great at sailing to windward. At least it’s not just us.)

We arrived in the morning and decided to pick up a mooring ball in Spanish Wells. It’s a cute little town, but more importantly, they have a great grocery store, and we found fresh, crispy arugula. With some weather looming, we stayed a few days longer than we’d planned, and had a couple of nice dinners in town, and walked Captain around a few times. He’s starting to get used to the dinghy, but he’s always happy to get back to the boat.

We also took a couple of excursions. Harbor Island is on the east coast, but getting there by boat involves a passage called the Devil’s Backbone, and we declined that in favor of the ferry. Dunmore Town was picturesque, with its brightly colored houses and pink sand beach. I liked this low-tide boat graveyard.

We walked the beach. I lost a shoe. We doubled back and found it again.

We set up the umbrella just in time to weather a sudden rainstorm.

We stopped in at a local resort for an evening cocktail and a last look out over the Atlantic, before heading back to the ferry.

On the way back, we met a man selling veggies out of the back of his truck, and stocked up on green peppers. Adventure? Check. Productivity? Also check. It still doesn’t really feel like we’re done working on the boat, but it’s starting to feel a little like we’re traveling.


  1. Things.
    both hats look great on you guys
    Rad shot of Andrew behind the wheel!
    pictures looking good.
    wanting more SUNSET pics! 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures! This has always been on my bucket list, but now more than ever! I’ll live it vicariously until we can get down there ourselves. TB

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