Goodbye USA, hello Bahamas

And with that, we are gone and the adventures begin! We decided to sail overnight out of the Miami area, which treated us to a spectacular sunset as our final view of The States.

Lines across the shot to give you the real sailboat experience: there’s always something in the way.

The overnight was pretty uneventful. The winds didn’t cooperate as much as we’d hoped, and we ended up motoring for more of it than we’d have liked. But we sailed a good portion of it, and the light winds meant light waves in the Gulf Stream, so all things considered it was a pretty comfortable passage. Still, somebody was less than excited about the whole rocking boat thing, and having to wear his life preserver:

An overnight sail meant arriving in Bimini with the sunrise:

After clearing customs, we celebrated with a victory beer at a spectacular beach:

And Captain informed us that the sails were to stay down for a while, thank you very much.

The weather looks like it’ll keep us here for at least a few days: strong winds pick up tomorrow, and subside right as the lightening ramps up on Saturday. But that’s fine, there’s plenty to do on the boat still, and the scenery is pretty top notch. So if you feel like visiting last minute, we’re very likely in Alice Town through the weekend. Drop on by!

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  1. Thanks for the calling cards! Enjoyed reading your blog. Can’t imagine leaving in the dark! Love you lots!

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